Monday, March 7, 2011

101 Questions & Answers: Practical Knowledge of Steam Boilers (SECOND EDITION)

This is a truly a practically e-book that worth to have. I have bought this particular e-book and it has it all. 
From Q & A to real questions. This e-book offers not only to steam engineer, but also to students who's studying in engineering, lecturers, DOSH officers, Safety and Health Officer, boilerman, manager, and anyone who wants to be an steam engineer.
This e-book stretches from thermodynamics to Factory and Machinery Act, which covers all the syllabus stated in the Steam Engineer Examination Guidelines published by DOSH.

I am highly recommend this e-book for those who's hunger for knowledge and who wants to pass Steam Engineer Exam


Catherine Ang said...

you're studying engineering ?

archaqx said...

was... now I am working as Engineer.
This blog would provide the post graduate knowledge, the realm of working.
Think that, when you've an engineering degree as a cake, with an additional knowledge, it's like an icing on the cake which make you more valuable.

M. Taufik said...

Thanks a lot for your information about this book. I believe this book very usefull for people who want enhance their knowledge about steam boiler.


M. Taufik